Sell a Spare e-Ticket Fast
  • #100,000+ tickets successfully sold.
  • 2-side fraud protection.
  • Low fees.
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Why us?
No Seller’s Fee
If you set $100 for your tickets, you’ll get $100 at payout.
We help with promotion
For faster ticket sale we promote your tickets across our website and social media communities.
Secure exchange
We verify the sellers and tickets based on several criteria. Buyers receive their tickets immediately after paying online. Sellers get their money after the event.
Selling tickets is done within a few clicks. We’ll do the rest. After creating a listing, we help with promotion. A buyer can easily pay online with almost any Bank Card, PayPal or Apple Pay and will receive the tickets immediately. Our blazing fast support team helps with any questions.
How It Works
Our goal is to help you to get money for spare tickets in a fast and secure way:
  1. You upload tickets and set price you wish to get.
  2. We carefully check all ticket information (venue, lineup, sector, row).
  3. You get notification when tickets are ready for sale.
  4. We list your tickets on our website and social media communities related to the event.
  5. When your ticket is sold, we wait 3 days after the event. If there are no complaints from the buyer, we send the money to your bank account or credit card.