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About Zombie Nation

Zombie Nation is the electronic project of producer Florian Senfter who is based in Germany. He is highly praised for his single “Kernkraft 400” which was on the top of top chart worldwide in 1999. In 1999, Zombie Nation came out with five tracks EP on DJ Hell's label. “Kernkraft 400” was just a remix song on this album which became top across the world and number two in U.K. and this song got hit in the North American sports events.

Florian Senfter has been releasing many tracks on many labels under Zombie nation. He did not like to refresh his deal with International DeeJay Gigolo Records which recorded his firth EPs. He initiated to start his own label and established Dekathlon Records. His second album, entitled “Absorber" was released in 2003. Around in 2005, Zombie Nation launched sublabel UKW Records along with John Starlight’s John’s “Addiction Part 1”. The song became hit and was licensed for Cocoon Recordings by Sven Väth.

In 2006, Zombie Nation released his third album, entitled “Black Toys“. This album demonstrated spueririon tech-hop and funk-laden house. He was seen collaborating with Tiga for recording of "Lower State of Consciousness". Today, Zombie Nation is well known in the srean of electronic music liveact as well.

Zombie Nation is reluctant to be called a simple DJ. He uses different kinds of things in his shows. He uses unique musical hardware which is not usually used by other DJs. He is often seen with Akai MPC 4000 and mixing console and many other effects units. According to Zombie Nation, devices are to be given the maximum importance in case of electronic music.

In the year 2009, Zombie Nation released orchestrated track. The title of the track was "The Mind of Many". Zombie Nations has gained so many fans around the world today. But Zombie Nation is highly known in Europe. Up to now, he has released a number of EPs, remixes, albums and singles. He has been regular in electric musical shows in many parts of the world today.