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About Zемфира

Rising to Rock-Stardom with the Champions.  A rock star and vocal performer, Zemfira, had gained her popularity since the launch of her first self-titled album and continued to hit the airwaves until now. A few known fact, despite her rock star image, she is also a talented pianist.

Zemfira, belongs to Volga Tatar ethnicity and was born in an average family. She displayed interest in music at a very young age of 4. With much encouragement from her parents, she entered a music school when she turned 5 and took piano and voice lessons. When she was seven, she started writing her own song.


Ramil, her older brother was the one who introduced and highly influenced her in the rock genre.  Black SabbathNazareth and Queen was her favorite during the early days of her life and has marked a spot in her heart. In contrast with rock genre, she was urged by her parents to continue studying the piano and playing classical pieces, a fact not known by many. In her 7th grade, she engaged in sports, basketball, and her interest to classical music started to fade.

With an advice from her mother, she gave up her love for sports and pursued music instead which eventually led her to challenging the entrance examination at Ufa College of Fine Arts. Upon admission, she chose to study singing. Accompanied by her friend, Vlad Kolchin, she sang jazz and rock music at various restaurants and bars during college.

Highly Acclaimed

In 1996, with her wit and talent, she graduated with flying colors and got employed as an Europe Plus' (a radio station) sound engineer. She was tasked to record ads at the station and spent her nights recording herself on her computer. During those early days, she wrote the songs “Why?” (Почему) and "Weatherman" (Синоптик). These songs eventually became popular when she launched her first album in 1999.

Singing with the Champions

The peculiarity of a female rock singer among the Russians gained interest and made and gave her positive reception. Her self-titled album which is known as Forgive Me My Love 14 Weeks of Silence created a so-called Zemfiromania hugely appreciated by her fans and critiques alike. On 2004, she had the chance to perform “We are the Champions” the Queens, one of her early childhood influences.

Zemfira Talgatovna Ramazanova (Земфира Талгатовна Рамазанова), or more simply known as Zemfira is a 37 year old Russian Rock Mucisian of Tatar. She has been in the mainstream for 16 years now and continually gains popularity among the Russians and former Soviet Republic.