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hardcore, black metal, beatdown, beatdown hardcore, mexican

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Xibalba Concerts Schedule Sep 2019

Sep 21
Sat, 1:00 pm
Mesa, AZ · Nile Theater

About Xibalba

There are 6 artists sharing this name: 1 ) Xibalba is a heavy hardcore/metal band from Pomona California. They are influenced by Disembodied, Morbid Angel, Martyr A.D., Santa Sangre, Bloodlet, Obituary, Crowbar, Unbroken, Earth Crisis, Downset, Overcast, and Sepultura. 2) Xibalba is a Mexican black metal band formed in 1992. Their lyrics are mainly about Aztec mythology, mainly in reverence to Huitzilopochtli, the god of war and human sacrifice (Last.fm)