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About Van Halen

Van Halen was formed as a rock band in 1978. Although the band started its journey in 1974 but publicly they appeared after 1977 with their self titled album release. Van Halen comes in a time when rock music did not flourish at all. Blues and Jazz music were considered greater than those so-called rock music in the 1970s and 80s. So Van Halen had to do hard work to popularize them publicly. Much of the band’s credit goes to Eddie Van Halen and also Alex Van Halen. Eddie Van Halen is exceptional in the band because of his extreme and innovative guitar playing which still inspire so many people around the globe. He was the first person in the guitar world who initiated two-handed tapping style on guitar. The band had four members who were Eddie Van Halen (guitar, keys, and vocals), Michael Anthony (bass, vocals), David Lee Roth (vocals) and Alex Van Halen (drums).

The first album of the band was in fact a self titled album that was released in 1978. It was a kind of blast of power and energy though music. The music and genre of the band was cordially accepted by so many people in the U.S. soon after the release of the album the band became hit and remained in the top chart for more than 3 years. Van Halen became the top selling band within a short period of time. up to now, Van Halen could put up for sale more than 56 million records in the U.S. market alone, which in fact made them one of the top selling bands of all time.

After the release of the self titled album, Van Halen gradually released ‘Van Halen II’, ‘Women and Children First’, ‘Fair Warning’ and ‘Diver Down’. Roth and Van Halen brothers were going together very well until Roth’s departure. The band suffered a lot due to the lack of vocal. But they got Sammy Hagar as the vocal of the band.

When the band came up with Van Halen III in 1998, they got shocked financially as the album was not sold very well. In spite of all troubles the band had 11 albums in total which could sum up 75-million sales. The band was in the top of the RIAA's list.