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U2 Concerts Schedule Jan 2019

Jan 19
Sat, 9:00 pm
Die Herren, U2
Nykobing Falster · Nykøbing Falster Teater

About U2

U2 is a quartet from Dublin, Ireland. This band is considered to be one of the most famous and successful bands in the world. The story of U2 began in 1976. It is the year when Larry Mullen decided to place an ad at a school bulletin board. He was looking for the musicians for his band. The teenagers found were the Edge, Bono and Adam Clayton. The cast of the band has never been changed since then. U2 tried different musical styles and now their music is a unique combination of rock, alternative rock, post punk and some other genres. Bono’s voice, the Edge’s guitar parts and the deep meaning of the texts adds to the band’s originality.The list of U2 achievements is really great. The band is among best-selling musicians of all time. They released thirteen albums, seven of which became number one in the USA. Six of their songs are included into the list of the 500 greatest songs of all time. U2 have twenty-two Grammy awards. It is more than any other group in the world has. So, though the band exists for more than forty years already, Larry, Bono, Edge and Adam don't lose their popularity, because they really may be called legends alive.

U2 2017 tour tickets

This year U2 commemorate the thirties anniversary of their album The Joshua Tree. So their namesake tour 2017 will be quite unusual, because they are promotion the old album, not a new one. The tour consists of four legs and the band is going to give 51 shows. Tour dates are May,12 - October,19. U2 tickets 2017 are in high demand as their concert tickets usually are. Referring to the tour, the most often Internet requests are “tickets Houston, tickets Seattle, tickets Cleveland, tickets Chicago”. So it can be supposed that the band is being waited for in this cities with great enthusiasm. The fans won't be disappointed, because in some of the cities the concerts have already been played and in some of them they are yet to come. Anyway, if you want to buy tour 2017 tickets, it's quite desirable to do it in advance, because, for example, Seattle tickets 207 were sold out completely. This tour will also be unique because hardcore fans will have a chance to hear some songs which are played pretty seldom. So if your close person is the band's fans, tickets to U2 concert can become a great present. Concert tickets 2017 are still available online.

U2 reviews

I got to meet this awesome singer and christian man I met at the CP fundraiser before the concert :)
It was an amazing show!
The concert was very good. His political rant and video were disappointing. Bono is an Irish citizen, no need to interrupt a good concert with his opinions. No matter who is in office, just give us a night to enjoy, free of the junk in our news feed.
It was awesome! Great show!
The concert was absolutely incredible!! The best concert I've seen in years!
Fantastic...top notch show/concert. Had a great time!!
Incredibly awesome show
As always U2 shined but holy crap Beck tore it up!
I saw them twice oh this tour .. But, Of the 6 times I've seen them, this by far was the most memorable performance. They are, and will always we, a timeless, class act!
Omg!! What an unbelievable show!! Glad I got to see them a 2nd time on this tour!!! ❤❤❤❤