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About Two Door Cinema Club

Two Door Cinema Club is a very popular rock band from Northern Ireland. It was formed last 2007. The members of the group includes Trimble, Halliday, and Baird. The group’s very first album entitled Tourist History was launched last March 2010 by a French recording company, Kitsune Music. The band was later on signed by Glassnote Records in America and released the same album one month after. It was chosen for the Choice Music Prize for Irish Album of the Year last 2011. The group’s next album called Beacon was launched last September 2012. It immediate topped the Irish Albums Chart and ranked end in the UK Albums Chart.

How The Group Started? Halliday and Trimble originally met in Bangor Grammar School. They later on bumped into Baird. These 3 talented young men first performed on ATL Rock School as “Life Without Rory”. They ended up in the last place. They recorded 3 demos before they parted ways. Two of them are still seen on the group’s MySpace page, while the last one, “You Missed the Point” is still available on YouTube. They formed a new band just after the demise of their very first work. They are now called Two Door Cinema Club, care of Halliday’s mispronunciation of Tudor Cinema. Early on in their career, they released an EP called Four Words to Stand On in 2009. They were able to get attention on different sites. It was self-recorded and produced with the help of Mitchell on the music arrangement.

Later that year, they started recording their very first album at in London with Eliot James. They also collaborated with Zdar in Paris. Soon after, they released “Tourist History” and it was preceded by hits like “I Can Talk”, “Something Good Can Work”, and “Undercover Martyn”. In 2011, they started to do TV guesting like in Late Night with Jimmy Fallon where they sang “What You Know”. It became their greatest hit of all time. In 2012, Beacon was released by Jacknife Lee. “Sleep Alone” and “Sun” were the most popular singles included in the album.

After the release of their second album, the group did a four part tour documentary called “What We See”. It was filmed by Gregg Houston. Here you will know more each member of the band and the things they have underwent just to get where they are today. Last year, the group worked in their 3rd album. Trimble said that the group has signed to a new company, Parlophone Records. “Changing of the Seasons” was released last August.

Awards and Tours. Two Door Cinema Club has performed several times in different awards nights and other festivities. They were constantly doing concert tours abroad to promote their albums. They have also achieved several awards like Choice Music Prize for Irish Album in 2010 and was nominated for several categories in the NME awards. Most of their singles were topping the charts.