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About Trentemøller

Anders Trentemøller is a renowned Danish electronic music producer. He was born in October 16, 1974. He is a talented multi instrumentalist and based in Denmark.

Anders Trentemøller learns playing musical instrument early in his life and started to produce music in 1990s with some rock based projects. He was unaware of electronic music in the beginning. In 2006 Trentemøller released revolutionary debut album, entitled “The Last Resort”. The album was so hit in his country and became the greatest album of the year. With this album, he could achive a greater number of fans within a very short period of time.

Around in 2007, Trentemøller thought about forming great band so he recruited Henrik Vibskov (drummer) and Mikael Simpson (guitar). Trentemøller was absolute with visuals from Karim Ghahwagi. The concerts that were attended by audiences were fantastic. He toured in US for the first time as a musician. And took part into some great festivals including Glastonbury in UK, and Melt! in Germany and Roskilde in Denmark.

In the year 2006, he released some remixes and songs (The Trentemøller Chronicles). He stated his own record entitled 'In My Room'.

Trentemøller worked for his second album and released it in 2010. The title of that album was “Into the Great Wide Yonder”. Trentemøller, after some time, worked hard to produce something unique and concentrated on indie and post punk style. He further gathered more musical instruments and vocals. It was clearly seen that Trentemøller was experimenting with his musical style from electronic to something else. And he totally dedicated himself to experimental soundscapes.

In 2011, Trentemøller participated in Coachella Festival. He performed well and received popularity from every corner.

‘Reworked/Remixed’ was released which was his second album. This album was a double compilation of Trentemøller’s favorite remixes which he has done for other artists and for himself as well.

In he year 2013, “Lost” as released. According to Trentemøller, Lost is the powerful album by him because the album focuses sounds that he has acquired though his live performances and tours. He participated in a world tour called Delta Machine world tour. Trentemøller toured in Europe and other places for live shows.