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female vocalists, singer-songwriter, alternative, piano, rock


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About Tori Amos

Tori Amos started her musical career with “Little Earthquakes”. This album was certified as gold in both America and England. And the later albums of this artist took her to a high position and made her one of the major artists of the 90s. She was upset and disturbed with the contemporary corporate labels. She tried to convert her barn into a recording studio and started to make music.

She was born in 1963 in Newton, North Carolina. When she was just three years old, she seriously loved the piano that was inside her home. She always pressed the keys and enjoyed the sounds. She could not even walk but somehow she managed to reach the piano every day. Her family was in favor of music and she could listen to many musical programs at that time. Her mother was a great fan of Beatles and Rolling Stones and had most of their albums at home. When she was just five years old she was made ready for a stage demonstration. Her performance of the musical score “Oliver” was fantastic. Everyone was impressed by her performance which was quite unbelievable.

She decided to be a musician at an early age. When she was a teen, a 13-year-old girl, she was able to perform at Mr. Henry's, a D.C. gay bar. For a while, she carried on performing locally all through her teenage years. Her father helped her in so many ways.

When she was 21, she went to Los Angeles. She just wanted to boost her career and concentrate on some studio work. So, to fulfill her dreams, she worked hard in Los Angeles. Torus was an adopted name she used in Los Angeles. Her real name is Myra Ellen Amos. She could make a deal with Atlantic in 1987. She started to make herself well known. She tried to sale her name and publics about her music style which was like a 80s rocker girl. She gained good attention from every corner. She was versatile artists, so she did not imitate anybody. She tried to show something her own. In 1992, she appeared with an album called “Little Earthquakes”. Soon the album sold lots of copies in US and UK and the album became gold certified.