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blues, singer-songwriter, experimental, rock, alternative


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About Tom Waits

”If you're a writer, you know that the stories don't come to you - you have to go looking for them, the old men in the lobby: that's where the stories were”. This is one of the quotes by well known rock musician Tom Waits. Thomas Allan Waits was born December 7, 1949 at Park Avenue Hospital in Pomona, California. Born to a middle class family whose parents were both schoolteachers, Frank and Alma. He graduated from Hilltop High School in Chula Vista California in 1968.

He was married to Kathleen Patricia Brennan who was also a composer and writer. Their children are Kellesimone Wylder, Casey Xavier and Sullivan. He worked as a singer, composer, writer and even as an actor. His genres are rock, experimental, folk, blues and jazz. Before becoming famous, he started his career as a singer while working at Napoleone Pizza House in national City. He performed with the band called the Systems. His music was influenced by artists like Frank Sinatra and Bob Dylan. He performed at concerts with other famous artists including “John Hammond”, “Jim McGuinn”, “Martha Jones”, “Martin Mull”, “Leon Redbone”, “Buffalo Bob” and “Howdy Doody”.

He was a member of “Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences” and “American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers”. He also had stage appearances to “Frank's Wild Years,” which was in Steppenwolf Theatre, Chicago and “Tom Waits in Concert on Broadway”, which took place at Eugene O'Neill Theatre located in New York City.

Waits’ discography consists of twenty six albums, two soundtracks and 24 singles. He also had eleven music videos and a video album. In 2011, he was also inducted into the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame”. Some of he awards and honors he received were “Best Alternative Album”, “National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences” which was in 1992, for Bone Machine, “Academy Award nomination, best score,” 1983, for One from the Heart; “Rolling Stone music award, best songwriter—critics' pick”, 1985; Los Angeles Critics Award, best actor”, 1989, for Demon Wine; Grammy Award. For four decades, Waits has continued to release music. His electric instrumentation combined with his smoky voice, attracted audience, continued experimental trend and inspired other musicians.