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Tiesto Concerts Schedule Mar 2019

Mar 9
Sat, 5:00 pm
Cancún · Hotel Melody Maker
Mar 15
Fri, 5:00 pm
Cancún · Hotel Melody Maker
Mar 19
Tue, 5:00 pm
Cancún · Hotel Melody Maker
Mar 22
Fri, 10:00 pm
Houston, TX · Spire Night Club
Mar 23
Sat, 2:00 pm
Houston, TX · Cle - Houston
Mar 30
Sat, 12:00 pm
Sábado, Arctic Monkeys, Tiesto and others 1
San Isidro · Hipódromo de San Isidro

Tiesto Concerts Schedule Apr 2019

Apr 13
Sat, 12:00 pm
Steve Aoki, Tiesto
Bangkok · Live Park Rama 9
Apr 14
Sun, 12:00 pm
Bangkok · Live Park Rama 9
Apr 20
Sat, 5:00 pm
Cancún · Hotel Melody Maker

Tiesto Concerts Schedule Jun 2019

Jun 28
Fri, 6:00 pm
Tiesto, belsonic
Belfast · Ormeau Park

Tiesto Concerts Schedule Aug 2019

Aug 22
Thu, 12:00 pm
The Chemical Brothers, Tiesto, deadmau5 and others 1
Runcorn · Daresbury Estate
Aug 23
Fri, 12:00 pm
3 Days, Tiesto, deadmau5 and others 2
Runcorn · Daresbury Estate
Aug 24
Sat, 12:00 pm
2Days, The Chemical Brothers, Tiesto
Runcorn · Daresbury Estate
Aug 25
Sun, 2:00 pm
Tiesto, Adam Beyer
Runcorn · Daresbury Estate

Tiesto Concerts Schedule Nov 2019

Nov 16
Sat, 12:00 pm
Tiesto, Alesso
Guadalajara · Guadalajara
Nov 17
Sun, 12:00 pm
Tiesto, Oliver Heldens
Guadalajara · Guadalajara


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About Tiesto

Whether its house music or just some plain old Drop the Bass partying, DJ Tiësto or Tiësto will simply never disappoint his fans.

Who is this prodigy?

Born on January 17, 1969,Tijs Michiel Verwest, or more popularly known as Tiesto, is Dutch Disc Jockey and record producer from the Netherlands. He was formerly known as DJ Tiesto and switched to the name Tiesto to incur a more artistic name which by the way is a twist of his childhood nickname. He founded the label Black Hole Recordings with Arny Birk in 1997 which he released his CD series the Magik and In Search of Sunrise.

Rise To Stardom

After founding Black Hole recordings, Tiesto met with producer Dennis Reijers, and since then, they have worked tirelessly to make beautiful music. In 1999 and 2000, Tiesto made a collaboration with Ferry corsten to make the album Gouryella. While his hit remix of Delirium’s Silence that featured Sarah McLachlan exposed him to the mainstream area, he continued to pursue his first solo album and then released it later with the name In My Memory, which featured a track remix of an original song by Nicla Hitchcock. This was his ticket to fame because it paved the way for several hits and gave him the number 1 spot on DJ’s Magazine’s annual top 100 DJs for 3 consecutive years, namely from 2002 to 2004.

His second studio album entitled Just be was performed live at the Summer Olypics in 2004 and was indeed a big hit. Later in 2007, he launched his radio show called Tiesto’s Club Life in the Netherlands along with his 3rd album named Elements of life. It reached the number one spot in the Dutch album hit list as well as in the Bill board Top Electronic Music List.

Tiesto released his 4th studio album entitled Kaleidoscope which featured musical greats such as Nelly Furtado, Priscilla Ahn, Calvin Harris, Tegan and Sara. In this album, Tiesto gave the audience a new kind of musical approach, exploring other types of electronic musical genres. It reached number 3 on the Driscoll 4 and later reached the top 10 chart on iTunes.

Tiesto reviews

Tbh honest those dirty bandits like wtf a fleet of large ladies squealing and sweating and sounding not too fancy I wouldn't watch them for free never mind paying. The sound system maybe wasn't the best possible this contributed to the sound of the dirty bandits. There should have been far more portaloos. They should have had dimitri Vegas and like mike strapped up in the middle of it and dwarfs an shit dancing and juggling an breathing fire a few fit looking chicks dancing up on the stage as well. It was maximum price with minimum spend or attention I detail to the actual presentation. Though I suppose the whole Purpose of it was to make as much money as possible
60 for all them acts was a good price if they all had there own event alone it be 30/40 a ticket, they have to be paid thousands aswels to dish out a few tunes
True man ye shouldve got mor acts tbh
????? 60 year olds good lad I fit see any silver 60 year old foxes slipping about it was good I enjoyed it just thought it could have been better that's all. And I like to complain I'm a grumpy oul cunt ??
It was good so dont care what any of yas 60 year olds think
Haters is abit harsh seems more like a bit of banter it's ok though us oldtimers know the score and for the price of the tickets it should have been a far better show thAn it was
U talking to me josh? I didn't leave eArly there wouldn't be much point standing waiting to half eleven like a tube licking the eyebrows off myself wAiting on my taxi also i had an idea tiesto eS saving the best to last and I was correct the last tune was a belter Shane about the shitty sparkler fireworks I dunno why they even bothered my granny would have had a better fireworks display in her under crackers.
If ya didnt like it y didnt you leave early
Yes I have to say basshunter was excellent last night it was a surprise to see bass hunter instead of tiesto his cheesy music had all the children loving it. It would have been great if bass hunter had have taken that porn chick from his videos with him I wouldn't have mind getting a peek at her. It was entertaining but also concerning to see the Amount of people getting carted of on stretchers them full of wine gums or something I'm sure there was no call for half of it a good tub of Vicks rubbed round ten and a bucket of cold water throug roun them Would have soon Sorted them Out. To be honest you would have thought Carl cox was landing In his helicopter the way the security cleared the area round the fallen patrons getting wheeled out
With the high price of the tickets I wAs expecting a lot more. There was stages that there wasn't even any music playing the period before those dirty bandits came on some clown could have got a cd going or something. As for the dirty bandits such a ball of dung woulda been safer booking cotton eyed joe they were woeful. The tiesto boy he wasn't much better his choice of tunes wasn't good. Why did he not just play a pile of his own tunes instead of all that semi hardstyle tripe it was disappointing to say the leAst all the 13 yeAr olds seemed to love it but I didn't. Tiesto should stick to playing his own tunes instead of trying to be some kind of super traktor serato fartbox mixing machine. It wS an awful racket. Stephen Nolan and big Julian Simmons could probably have managed to do a better job than tiesto and would have been far cheaper as well.
Yes that tiesto played a ball of shite he played 3 good tunes and fucked two of them up at least he didnt muck up adagio for strings. And also all those wee dump trick trolls with bellys out and the cellulite on show should be made to wear burkhas mr Barry Boats Graham says that he could have played a better set himself and I agree