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About Thousand Foot Krutch

Thousand Foot Krutch also known as TFK is a Christian Rock band that was formed on 1995 in Ontario, Canada. The members are Joel Bruyere plus Trevor “Teerawk” McNevan along with Steve Augustine, and the former members are Dave Smith, Neil Sanderson, Pat Pedasiuk, Geoff Laforet, Christian Harvey, Tim Baxter, Myke Harisson and Ty Dietzler. The name of TSk was Trevor’s idea that God gave us the strength we need and we can’t do it by our own. In the start of their career, the former members together with Trevor worked together to released their first album as Oddball (former band of Trevor) called “Shutterbug” that contains 27 tracks and released in 1995. Trevor needs to work in food chain McDonald to be able to pay the studio for their recordings.

2 year later, they introduced their first album as Thousand Foot Krutch but 2nd album for Trevor. It was called “That’s What People Do” that was released on July 29, 1997 produced by Andrew Horrocks. Next album was “Set It Off” that was out on 27th of March 2001 by DJD Recordings and Tooth & Nail and produced by Scoot Humphrey, Gavin Brown and the band itself. The band contains 12 tracks including “Unbelievable”, “Puppet” as well as “Supafly”. In the year 2003 to 2006, they released “Phenomenon” and “The Art of Breaking” that reached number 16 in Billboard Chart. Followed by their 5th album called “The Flame in All of Us” that was out on 18th of September 2007 that peaked at number 58 in Billboard 200. While in 2009 they launched their 6th album entitled “Welcome to the Masquerade” on 8th of September 2009 by Tooth & Nail that got number 2 in Christian Album Charts.

In 2012 to present year, they came out with “The End is Where We Begin” on 17th of April 2012 which according to them is the most challenging album they've made so far. It was featured in the video game EA Sports NHL. Later on they launched “Oxygen: Inhale” on 6th of August 2014 that contains 10 tracks. The band was known and begin to be popular not only on the radio but also in the internet and Christian community, through that they received many awards including “Artist of the year”, “Group of the Year” and “Modern Rock Album of the Year”; aside from that, they also received “Rock Song of the Year” and “Hard Music Song of the Year”.