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About The White Stripes

The White Stripes was an American group comprised of ex-married couple Jack White (vocals, guitar, bass and keyboards) and Meg White (drums). The two married in 1996 but later divorced in 2000. The rock duo originated from Detroit Michigan and began their musical journey in 1997.

The Birth of the White Stripes. The White Stripes began after drummer Jack Gillis married Megan Martha White in September 1996 and took her wife’s surname. Megan learned to play the drums, and in 1997, the duo first played on public in Detroit. 

In 1999, the self-titled album of the duo was first released. The album was designed to pay tribute to Son House, who has influenced Jack White as a musician. Asked about their first album in an interview, Jack acknowledged that he believed that The White Stripes album was the best that they produced. De Stijl, the duo’s second album was released in June 2000 and ultimately attained the 38th spot in the 2002 Billboard’s Independent Albums chart. One of the singles in the album entitled “Why Can’t You Be Nicer to Me” was played in an episode of the American television show The Simpsons. The duo has started to gain a following in the American music industry. 

After the Divorce. After the couple divorced in 2000 (although this was only made public in 2001), they continued to make good music together. In 2001, the duo released White Blood Cells which catapulted them into the center of the rock music industry, mainly behind the single “Fell in Love with a Girl”. They’ve also brought home awards at the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards for the music video of the song. The album sold over half a million copies worldwide.

In 2003, they released their 4th album Elephant which proved to be more successful that their previous releases as it reached platinum and double platinum record status in U.S. and UK, respectively. The album featured Grammy award-winning single “Seven Nation Army”. 

Get Behind Me Satan (2005) and Icky Thump (2007) were subsequently released under different record labels. The albums contained “Blue Orchid”, “My Doorbell” and “Icky Thump”, a few of the duo’s career hit singles. To promote the album, the duo embarked in concerts playing across Europe, Canada and North America. In 2007, the couple cancelled several tour dates including shows in UK when Meg suffered acute anxiousness. In February 2011, the duo made a formal announcement that they will end their career as The White Stripes.