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About The Weeknd

The Weeknd is one of the most popular artists of today. Each his album becomes platinum, he owns a whole bunch of Grammies and was even nominated for the Oscar. The Weeknd is an artist with an outstanding biography who has built up his career on songs about sex and drugs, grown up the weirdest hairstyle just to shave it off and hasn’t left his hometown until he was 21.

The artist’s earliest video is dated 2010. This is the tape of him singing his future hit Wicked Games in his own kitchen. The air is filled with cigarette smoke, and the artist accompanies himself with a cigarette pack knocking. The quality of the video is really low, but even in it, everyone can see that the singer has really wonderful voice that later would make him a star.

The voice of Toronto

Abél Makkonen Tesfaye was born in a family of immigrants from Ethiopia. His parents moved to Canada in 1980s. Abél was a problem child: he didn’t speak to his father, hanged out with a dangerous company and left school at 17 to fulfill his dream about stage. In the daytime, he was working in the American Apparel shop and met his friends musicians in the evening. Once he met Jeremy Rose, a young musical producer who showed Abél three instrumental songs for which he immediately wrote the lyrics. Rose offered him to start a project called The Weekend (that time with the second ‘e’). The idea of it was to create a very rhythmical RnB with lots of electronic samples and Abél’s melodic vocal. That time the artist was born. Deep bass, instrumental parties and Abél’s own detailed verses about sex and drugs.

Soon the disagreement starts, that leads to Rose’s leaving the project. Left alone, Tesfaye collects all his songs and downloads them on YouTube with the name The Weeknd. The songs become popular gaining attention of the music media. Even after three songs the project is Calle successful and The Weeknd’s singing – ‘clear singing about dirt’. But this is not enough for the world fame.

The Weeknd drew attention of Drake, a Canadian rapper who gave him the base for the first albums and took the young artist on his first tour. After that, Abél recorded three albums where his unique voice finally merged with the music in that unusual mix. And again, the songs were full of vulgar texts with lots of hints, listings of drugs used by the author and his hypnotic vocal.

The Weeknd tour dates 2017

The Weeknd 2017 tour is on now. The Weeknd concert dates are from the 6 of September to the the 14 of December 2017. The Weeknd tour schedule embraces Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada. The Weeknd concert tickets are available online.

The Weeknd reviews

It's was LIT!!! ???????
I got my money’s worth plus more !!!! Lit! ???
Didn't have no one to go with ?
It was great The Weekend's performance was awesome.
I think it was awful. We left before The Weeknd even got on stage.
I can't wait til the Weeknd comes back here next year or in 2019
Best concert please come back
It was awesome except for there was alot of people drunk and smoking alot of different things
Amaaaaaazing!!!!!! ?????
The Weeknd was amazing!!! ?