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About The Velvet Underground

The Velvet Underground is a rock band based in America. The band was officially formed in 1964. The band does not have significant commercial success but the band is considered one of the influential bands of all time. The band experimented with rock n roll music which is still a reason to study this band. Many people used to question about the band’s popularity so Brian Eno once said that only a few people would buy this band’s album and every single one who bought the albums started a great band. The band’s initial lineup includes Lou Reed (guitars, vocals), John Cale (a multi-instrumentalist), Sterling Morrison (bassist) and Angus MacLise (drummer).

When the band started its journey in 1960s, the band members were creating armature music. The lyrics, music, guitar rhythm and other things were disorganized. Lyrics were only devoted to sexual images and drugs which were considered immoral at that time. So they realized such things would not work for them. But yet the band got some underground fans.

The band met with Andy Warhol, a pop artist who was interested to do something for this underground band. In the meantime, Nico met with the band members and wanted to be an occasional vocal for the band. Warhol arranged a full length album for this band. In 1967, “The Velvet Underground & Nico” was released. It was released by Verve Records. This album was a classic album and considered influential album still. The album had many good songs like “All Tomorrow's Parties”, “Sunday Morning" and "Heroin". The next album, “White Light / White Heat” was not as good as the previous one because of too much noise and indecent lyrics. The lyrics contain heavy sex, drugs and death imageries.

The band got new bassist, Doug Yule. Their next studio album was not released due to clash with MGM Records. And, later, they signed to another record company Atlantic and could release Loaded in 1970. After 1970, Morrison decided to leave the band and the band was losing original members. The band disbanded in 1973.