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The Sound Concerts Schedule Dec 2018

Dec 21
Fri, 7:30 pm
The Sound
Los Angeles, CA · Molly Malone's

The Sound Concerts Schedule Mar 2019

Mar 29
Fri, 9:00 pm
Stuck in the Sound, The Sound, Stuck and others 1
Mâcon · La Cave à Musique

About The Sound

The Sound formed in South London in 1979, shortly after a band called The Outsiders dissolved. It isn't a very well-distributed fact, but the Outsiders' 1977 LP Calling on Youth was the first self-released British punk LP, issued roughly four months after Buzzcocks' infamous Spiral Scratch 7". Guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Adrian Borland led the Outsiders through a couple of other releases, but the band sputtered out three years after their 1976 formation (