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indie, 80s, new wave, post-punk, alternative


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About The Smiths

The Smiths is an English rock music band that was formed on 1982 in Manchester, England. The members are Morrissey (vocals), Johnny Marr (guitar), Mike Joyce (drums), Andy Rourje (Bass) and Craig Gannon (guitar). The band formed by Morrissey, Billy and John Maher as “The Nosebleeds” and they recorded demo tapes together with Simon for drums and later on he was replaced by Mike Joyce and soon after the other members joined the group. They changed their name in 1984 and the band signed a recording contract with Rough Trade Records. Their first single was “Hand in Glove” that was released on 1983 followed by their self titled debut album called “The Smiths”. The album was launched on February 20, 1984 by Rough Trade along with Sire records in US and produced by John Porter as well as the band itself. It was charted as number 2 in UK Albums Chart and received positive feedback from the critics.

One year later they released “Meat is Murder” on February 11, 1985. It consisted with 9 tracks that was ranked as number 1 in UK Albums Chart and number 40 in Canada. It was also included in “The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time” for “Rolling Stone” at number 296. After the successful of the albums, they followed “The Queen Is Dead” that was introduced on June 16, 1986 in UK and June 23 in US by Sire Records. Like their other albums it was also hit the chart at number 2 in UK Albums Chart, number 28 in RPM 100 (Canada), number 70 in Billboard 200 and the great news of becoming the album as Certified Gold by RIAA.

As the band continues, they released their 4th album entitled “Strangeways, Here We Come” on September 28, 1987. They received positive reviews in their album and became viral all over the world that peaked number 2 in UK and number 69 for Star Magazine’s Best Albums of the 1980’s. They collaborated with Stephen Street, Orchestrazia Ardwick and Steve Williams to make the album successful. The band members got separated between 1987 and 1988. They starts their solo career but eventually some members had their new band in which they collaborated with many artists including The Pretenders, Crowded House, as well as Bryan Ferry, Billy Bragg and Talking heads. But according to some intrigues they will conduct reunion but according to the members itself it will not happen but for all their fans, they wishes that to make that happen in the future.