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About The Knife

The Knife is a duo comprised of a brother and sister who both came from Stockholm, Sweden. In 1999, the siblings-- Karin and Olof Dreijer-- decided to form a music duo. During the early stage of their careers, they created music at the comforts of their own home. In 2000, they released their firs ever single entitled “Afraid of You”. In 2001, they launched their self-titled album under their very own record label, Rabid Redords Label. In 2003, the duo received two Grammy Nominations-- Best pop Album and Best pop Group of The Year. However, the two boycotted the program and sent two people in gorilla costumes instead. This is to protest against the male dominance in the musical world. In the latter part of the year, the duo launched the Hanna Med H soundtrack.

In 2004, the duo cooked up their third album in unusual places like a carbon dioxide factory and a vault in the Grand church of Stockholm. They finally finished the song in a music studio. In 2005, the duo finally held their first live showin London's ICA. In that show, they played with Rex the Dog on stage. The video of the event was created by the renowned artist Andreas Nilsson. He was also the one to create the DVD which featured all the video, remixes and short films of the band.

For the duo's third album, Silent Shout, the duo decided to work with Nilsson once again. This was released in 2006. The band also released their first ambitious album entitled “We Share Our Mother's Health”. During that fall, they also re-launched the album Knife and Deep Cuts.

After that, the duo focused on their next project entitled “Tomorrow” which is an opera that is inspired by On the Origin of The Species of Charles Darwin. From 2008 to 2009, the duo worked and recorded the album in Stockholm, Copenhagen and Berlin. In 2010, the album Tomorrows was finally launched. During the early part of 2013, the duo launched a new song with the title of “Full of Fire”. During that time, they also announced the coming of their fourth album with the title of 'Shaking the habitual”