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About The Glitch Mob

The group  was formed in 2006 at Los Angeles, California . The group was formed originally with five members; Edit, (Edward Ma), Boreta (Justin Boreta) , Kraddy (Matthew Kratz), Ooah (Josh Mayer) and Kitty D (Kitty Ology) .The group performed as trio when Kraddy and Kitty D left the group in 2009.

This group  caught the attention of the audience by performing live with laptops and MIDI controllers. The three have seemed to have mastered their robots medium for the creation of their music  in a very unique way. Their music at once gives a futuristic, almost robotic, dance feel to those who will hear and listen to them.

In June  2010, “Drink The Sea” the group’s debut album was released and became one of the Top Electronic Albums. It represents the group’s transformation from unconventional to a more prevalent one. The album proved the group’s emergence. After four years, Metal Mother was also released.

Some  of their tops songs are “Fortune Days”, “We Can Make the World Stop”, “Bad Wings”, “Drive It Like You Stole It”, “A Dream Within A Dream”, “Can’t Kill Us” and many more.

“Love  Death Immortality” is another album which is released February 2014. The album features unique tones, live instrumentation, experimental rhythms. This album is a perfect composition for live shows and it is no surprise that they continued to sell out concerts during their tour seasons.

They have already gained devoted fans from Los Angeles and San Francisco where they started showcasing their talents and later to entire West Coast. Simply by word of mouth, the group has become a festival favorite  from coast to coast.

In all their  performances, they  were able to blend individual’s skill and idea into a powerful result so that they became one of the most beloved live electronic acts and a distinguished recording artists  at present.