The Exalted Piledriver tour

thrash metal, speed metal, piledriver, metal, thrash


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About The Exalted Piledriver

The Exalted Piledriver is a re-boot of the 80s Thrash/Power Metal band Piledriver. Due to unknown legal reasons, the Piledriver moniker can no longer be used. From the classic lineup, only Gord "Piledriver" Kirchin remains. Current Members; Gord "Piledriver" Kirchin - Vocals (1984-) Mark "Kinky Pork Cream" Kopernicky - Guitars (2006-) Robert "Lobo Elf Schnort" Tollefson - Bass (2005-) Kerry "Glace Frothfritter" Keough - Drums (2006-) (