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About The Clash

Unlike other popular punk groups from the 70s, The Clash used anger to get a good start. They acted as rebels for a cause. Their songs were hard charging and evidence based and yet futuristic. They tried mixing funk, rap, and reggae. The group was more dependent on the chemistry between its original members, Strummer, Jones, Headon, and Simonon. Their composer, Strummer, son of diplomat had his training in a boarding school. He stopped during his teens and started a pub rock group called 101ers in 1974.

The group possessed a unique chemistry that makes for an excellent band. Guitarist Stummer was the one who composed of their lyrics and Jones did the melodies. Simonon’s passion for art has helped shape the group’s aesthetic overview. As a mix of good talents and personalities, the group was a perfect engine. The Clash was among the most enticing and powerful rock bands in history. They played a huge role in making and defining punk movements.

The group’s first ever gig was for the opening of Sex Pistols in 1976. The group was managed by McLaren associated Rhodes and it helped them articulate their mission politically. Through their songs, they tackled brutality and disenfranchisement. The Clash has supported several concerts for the benefit of Rock Against Racism. In 1977, The Clash was signed by CBS Records. Their self-entitled album was released immediately and ranked 12th in the charts. This debut project included songs like “I’m So Bore With the U.S.A.”, “London’s Burning”, and “White Riot”. One of their earliest and most popular songs was “Police and Thieves”. Months after and earlier next year, the band issued another series of songs like “(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais”, “Clash City Rockers”, and “Complete Control”. Their next album, Give ‘Em Enough Rope was also a big hit featuring songs like “Stay Free” and “Safe European Home”.

The group was successful in charting their first American hit called Train in Vain. It was from their album, London Calling. It was followed by Sandinista, which is another multi sided composition. They have worked on making the album affordable by diminishing royalty. Some of the most popular tracks included in this project include ”Washington Bullets”, “The Magnificent Seven”, and “Police on My Back”. This album also charted well in America and was awarded platinum.

The group’s last album was Combat Rock launched in 1982. The group was disbanded later on. Some of the members have reunited on stage, but the most anticipated reunion of The Clash did not happen because Stummer died of heart attack in 2002. True enough, The Clash is among the best-selling imports in history and will continue to be remembered by the next generations.