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About The Calling

The calling is a rock band from Los Angeles, California. The band was formed in 1999. The calling is known for the song, "Wherever You Will Go".

Alex Band (vocals) was the founder of the band. He was also accompanied by Aaron Kamin (guitar). They started jamming and writing many songs. Soon they took part in some gigs under the band name "Generation Gap". They recruited a drummer to be with them. They also had a saxophone player in their band. The band then changed their name to “The Next Door”.

The band emphasized on songwriting and demo recording. And by 1999, the band had some good number of demos which in fact convinced RCA and got a deal with it. Finally, the band changed the name to "The Calling".

The RCA deal was a great achievement for the band but there was a problem also. Both Band and Kamin were afraid because the band was not solid for making any studio work. So, rather than stopping everything, they started to practice and settle things up. They took and long time to record their songs through RCA. By 2001, the band got news members. Guitarist Woolstenhulme, bassist  Mohler and drummer Nate Wood were included in the band. Their first album came out in 2001. The name of that album was “Camino Palmero”. This album was very popular due to a super hit single, "Wherever You Will Go." This song was played in media and TV shows. The song was also taken for “Coyote Ugly” (a film). Soon, “Camino Palmero” got certified gold in America.

Woolstenhulme left the band in 2002 and Dino Meneghin joined as the guitarist. Wood and Mohler left the band also.And the band was in big trouble at this point of time. There were many internal management problems going on.

In 2004, the band released their second album, called “Two”. This album contained three singles. This album could not achieve any success. After participating in some gigs, the band decided to go for disbandment.

In 2013, the band got reformed once again. Alex Band, Sean Kipe and Bassist Jake Fehres got together to do some gigs.