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About The Baseballs

Created in 2007, The Baseballs are a rockabilly band from Berlin, Germany. Their style resembles the rock and roll that spawned from the 1950s and 1960s. Their noted for forming creative renditions of modern cover songs. The Baseball’s style and art are influenced by, The Beatles, The Tempatations, and Jerry Lee Lewis. They often wear throw-back suits to represent the old fashioned barbershop quartets. This ensemble; however, only contains three members that go by the nicknames Digger, Sam, and Basti.

In 2009, the group released their first album, Strike!. The record became a success throughout Europe, landing them top billboard spots in Sweden, Finland, Germany, and many more. They inked a deal with Rhino Records and re-released the album the following year. During this time, the group performed with Beck and featured on two different European talk shows.

In 2011, The Baseballs dropped their second album, Strings ‘n’ Stripes. The album garnered mainstream and critical acclaim. The record featured cover songs by many popular modern artist including 50 Cent and Lady Gaga. Once again, the group followed by touring throughout Europe. Their rockabilly sound continued to increase their following and further their success. The record featured their hit single “Umbrella,” which is a Rihanna cover. Today it stands as their most popular single.

In the summer of 2011, the group returned to the studio to work on a new single titled “Wha Wha.” The Baseballs worked in collaboration with corporate giant General Mills for their add campaign. The song featured on a commercial and is currently free to download off of Haagen-Dazs website.

After spending the year touring, in 2012 The Baseballs dropped their first DVD. The film, Strings ‘n’ Strips live,” featured live footage and backstage access. They followed by releasing a holiday single titled, “Good Ol’ Christmas.” The next year, the ensemble began work on their latest album, which released in May. The Baseballs are currently on a European Tour in support of their newest record making notable stops in Rostock, Germany and Glarus, Switzerland.