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About The All-American Rejects

In the late 1990s, the local rock scene in Stillwater, Oklahoma began to flourish. The influx of music began to rise as a result of the success of The All-American Rejects. Although they didn’t start the movement in the Indian Territory, they became the most successful. Their popularity led to them being named on the list of most influential bands of the 2000s. 

The group began when high school students Tyson Ritter and Nick Wheeler met at a local show and decided to form a band. In 2000, the duo added multi-talented musician Jesse Tabish and recorded their demo, The Blue Disc. The record featured a dozen songs containing their punk sound; yet, when it finished, Tabish left to join another group. Afterwards, the duo pieced together another demo, Same Girl different songs, and released it to record labels. To the bands delight, Doghouse Records decided to take a chance on the group and inked them to a deal.

The All-American Rejects began work without any supporting members in the band. In 2001, they hit the studio and released their self-titled album. The music resembled the Sum 41Blink 182 sound that popularized in the mid to late 1990s. Their first single “Swing Swing,” began their path of success; yet, obstacles remained. Before they could jump on the road to support their release, the group added Mike Kennerty and Chris Gaylor.

After joining Dreamworks, The All-American Rejects began to tour to support the re-release of their first record. In 2003, the group jumped on a tour as a supporting act; however, left for reasons that haven’t been accurately explained. The group decided to headline their own, Too Bad for Hell Tour, which they recorded for a DVD they released the same year. The live footage sold over 500,000 copies continuing the bands success.

Two years later, The All-American Rejects hit their fans with another successful album, Move Along. Both critics and fans sang its praises for its progressive punk sound. This style shines through in their hit single, “Dirty Little Secret.” The band released three songs to radio stations, which played daily throughout 2005 and 2006. The group supported their record by headlining two more tours including the Tornado Tour. They ended the year by performing in Las Vegas with OK GO and many other popular acts.

The All-American Rejects spent the 2007 year contributing music to Hollywood films and video games including, Rock Band. They also released their second live DVD, Tournado. Afterwards, they headed back to the studio to prepare their next album, When the World Comes Down. Again, the group scored huge numbers with their album. Critics applauded their efforts and radio stations played “Gives You Hell” throughout the US and UK. Fans followed by buying up all the tickets at performances. The ensemble regrouped and hit the road with several popular acts including, Fall Out Boy and Weezer. In Tampa, Florida lead singer Ritter performed in a handicap chair due to a knee injury.

After touring and writing music, in 2012 the group released their fourth album, Kids in the Street. They also added bass player, Matt Rubano. Since, the band continues to perform and write music for upcoming an album.