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About Tenishia

Tenishia has been keeping its fame as the successful DJ in Malta. This group has won a number of prestigious awards throughout its music career which include best live performer award, best dance tune award and also the best newcomer award. Tenishia was formed in 2004 by Cyprian Cassar and Joven Grech. Cyprian comes from a classical music background and had a good listening power. He was able to play musical instruments quite very well. They both became interested in DJ music and entered into the arena of DJ. Officially, Tenishia appeared before the public in 2005 with a Live PA which gave them popularity around Maltese islands. Within a few weeks after the event, Tenishia became popular in TV, newspaper, Internet and local magazines. The due became a buzz around in Malta. Soon the due started performing in many different places.

Tenishia performed alongside many popular DJs in Malta and met a number of experienced musicians. Fortunately, Cyprian Cassar and Joven Grech were able to convince Kirsty Hawkshaw. By the help of Kirsty Hawkshaw, Tenishia produced its first hit ‘Outsiders’. This single was hit in the local music market and chosen as great one on BBC radio and DJ Dave Pearce.

2010 was a great year for the duo. The group released many popular remixes and hits. Joven Grech has been with DJ since 1997. He began his musical career at a community radio when he was only 15 years old. Seeing his talent and potentiality, a club owner helped him to demonstrate his musical skills. And Cyprian was interested in classical music. He attended piano music learning school when he was 10 years old. He was even familiar with many musical instruments. Later on he joined rock band and played guitar. but the ultimate love for music came when he attended a dance event at the age of 16.

Tenishia should be proud of being ranked 65 in the DJ MAG top 100 and one of 50 top great DJs in the world. The duo has been awarded a number of times. The two great artists have got so many fans around the world today.