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About Tegan and Sara

They have over 15 shows every month. They already have 5 successful albums. Their songs are covered by the White Stripes and Ryan Adams. Tegan and Sara are conquering the world. Tegan and Sara is a duo from Canada playing indie pop and new wave music. The band was founded by twin sisters Tegan Rain and Sara Kiersten Quin. Both sisters play guitars, key instruments and compose their own music and lyrics. Since 1999, the band has issued 8 studio albums.

The twins were born on September 1980 in Calgary, Canada. From the early age of 15 they started singing own songs accompanied by a guitar. Their first two demos were recorded in a school studio which gave them a chance to win a professional studio record in 1998. And not many singers became famous so fast: the result was a complete studio album highly expexted by the media and fans.

The success came after signing a contract and issuing the next album The Business of Art. After that, the If It Was You came out in 2002, and So Jealous brought the world fame. Its single Walking with a ghost was even noticed and covered by The White Stripes. The next albums were marked by the Rolling Stone.

The sisters don't conceal the information about them being homosexual and come out with the active support for anti-homophobic and sexists movements also, they are known to support the animal care organization, PETA. In support for gay marriages, they even took part in creating a special sort of ice cream devoted to homosexual relations.

Tegan and Sara concerts are a frequent event. They usually perform with a backing band while their own show are known for their relaxed atmosphere when the twins tell jokes about their early ages, family, first love, tour life and even joke about politics. There even are a few websites where the fans quote Tegan and Sara's funny dialogues. At their shows, the twins sing each her own song backing up each other with voice and guitar. They took part in various musical projects alone but that destroyed their "twins magic".

Since 2009, Sara and Tegan tried to work as producers as well. They are open to collaboration and often work with other musicians. The most famous co-works are with DJ Tiesto, Saturday, Sweetness Follows etc.

The band has taken part in various shows on Canadian, American and European channels. Their compositions have been used as soundtracks for such movies as Monster-In-Law, The Vampire Diaries, Sweet November. In 2006, Sara starred in one of The L Word episodes.

By now, the duo has eight albums, a number of awards in Canada and a great list of artists they have played together with. They are a paradox band: sarcastic and serious, mature and vulnerable at the same time, they tangle rock, punk, pop and electro music creating breathtaking combinations. Those who search for real melodism will find it at the sister's concertss. Tegan and Sara became the symbol of female rock for the fans all over the globe.

Tegan and Sara tour 2017

Tegan and Sara are on tour now coming to Canadian and American cities. Tegan and Sara concert schedule is quite reach and the band is going to perform at festivals on the same stage with RHCP, Imagine Dragons, The Muse, Gorillaz and many more world famous artists. The Tegan and Sara tour dates are quite tough with the last concert on November, 15 in Austin, US. The Tegan and Sara concert tickets are still available, but running out fast as they perform at fests also with famous artists and not individually.