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About Taylor Swift

Darling this country darling has won the heart of many teenagers and women all over the world. Her music, passion and love songs are truly something that all women can certainly relate to. If you wish to fall more in love with this country darling, there are lots of things that you should definitely know about her.

Personal details

The real name of Taylor Swift is Taylor Alison Swift. She is born on December 13, 1989 in  Reading, Pennsylvania. Taylor Swift is an embodiment of talent and skill. She is actually not only an American singer, she is a songwriter as well. In addition to that, she is not only a musician-- she is also an actress.

What Makes Her Popular

What made Taylor Swift irresistible to her fans is her good-girl image and very charming demeanor. Aside from her persona, her songs and music has something that many people can certainly relate to in real life.

The Story of Taylor's Career

Taylor Swift started her career in the year 2006 where she released her self-titled album along with her debut single-- “ Tim McGraw”. This is an amazing start since her album was declared a multi-platinum one. The amazing singer followed it up with her second album-- “Fearless” in November 2008. This album was, once again, another hit since it won four Grammy's. One of which is the Album of The Year. In 2010, another successful album was launched-- “Speak Now”.This album sold millions of copies on just its first week! Her fourth album-- Red-- was launched in 2012 and was already sold millions in just the first week.

Because of all these achievements and awards, she was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the Fastest Selling Digital Album by A Female Artist on the year 2012. In addition to that, she has also won Most Simultaneous U.S. Hot 100 Hits by a Female Artist.

Aside from being a great musician, Taylor Swift also appeared in various movies such as valentine's Day. In addition to this, she also did voice overs in the successful animation-- The Lorax.

Up until now, Taylor Swift is continuously topping the charts and winning over the hearts of many women and men all over the world. With all her achievements, it seems like Taylor Swift is here to stay.