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About T.I.

Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. is also known as “T.I”, “T.I.P and “Rubberband Man”. He was born on 25th September 1980 in Atlanta Georgia. The name T.I is came from a street in Westside Bankhead Zone 1 Altlanta, while the T.I.P is from his nickname “Tip” from his grandfather. At the age of eight, T.I discover his talent as a rapper. As a teenager boy, he was got involved in drugs and at the age of 14 he got arrested many times.

In year 1996, he was known as an expert lyricist together with his friend Big Kunty King, they got sold mixtapes came from the car trunk and the opportunity came when they discovered by Kawan Prather (record producer). In 1999 he signed a recording contract in Arista Records subsidiary LaFace Records.

In 2001, He released his debut album entitled “I’m Serious” which included in the production of The Neptunes and other teams. This album sold 163 thousand copies in US, ranked at number 98 and top 30 in Billboard Top R&B Hip-Hop chart. According to Pharrel Williams he is the “Jay-Z of the South”and it became famous. Due to less endorsement of the album, he decided to leave the Arista Records and formed Grand Hustle Entertainment were many mixtapes had been released and captured the eyes of Atlantic Records through the song “Never Scared”.

Later on, he launched his 2nd album “Trap Muzik” by Grand Hustle Records. It was released on 19th August 2003 that had been sold for 109 thousand copies in the first week. Meanwhile, T.I got arrested because of violation of his probation in his past drug conviction; he was imprisoned for three years. He did music videos (unauthorized) in Cobb Country Georgia where he is detained, but after one month he received a work release program. It hasn't ended in there, he got many offenses and that lead to community services in Atlanta and he got bail in a short period of time but later on decided to surrender in the authorities to resolve the problem.

The 3rd studio album called “Urban Legend” got number seven in the Billboard 200 and sold 193, 000 copies in its first week. The album was released on November 2004 with its single -Bring Em Out- that reached Number 9, “U Don’t Know Me” at number 23, 3rd single “ASAP” got number 75 on US chart. He worked together with Destiny’s Child in their 2004 single “Soldier” together with Lil Wayne. He received a two nomination for “Best Song Collaboration” for “Soldier” and “Best Rap Solo Performances” for “U Don’t Know Me” on Grammy Awards. T.I caught the Rap artist, Rap Album, Rap song artist, Video Clip Artist of the year and Best Male Hip-Hop Artist.