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Sunrise Avenue Concerts Schedule Jun 2019

Jun 15
Sat, 5:00 pm
Sunrise Avenue
Helsinki · Telia 5G - Areena

Sunrise Avenue Concerts Schedule Aug 2019

Aug 15
Thu, 12:00 pm
4 Day, Sunrise Avenue, Kygo
Gampel · Festivalgelände am Rotten
Aug 16
Fri, 12:00 pm
Kygo, Sunrise Avenue, Fri
Gampel · Festivalgelände am Rotten
Aug 16
Fri, 8:00 pm
zeltfestival ruhr, Sunrise Avenue
Witten · Zeltfestival Ruhr
Aug 17
Sat, 12:00 pm
SAT., Sunrise Avenue, Jeremy Loops
Gampel · Festivalgelände am Rotten

About Sunrise Avenue

The rock band Sunrise Avenue is a band that was formed in 1992 which originated in Finland. It was started by the lead singer, guitarist and songwriter, Samu Haber. Haber first named the band as “Sunrise” in 1992, then later changed it to “Sunrise Avenue” (2001). The group began their career by performing at pubs, festivals and private parties.

The group’s present members composed of Samu Aleksi Haber (vocals, rhythm guitar), Ilka Raul Ruutu (e-bass, backing vocals), Sami Tapio Osala (drums) and Riku Juhani Rajamaa (lead guitar, backing vocals). Some of the former members are Janne Kärkkäinen, Teijo Jäms, Jucka Backlund and Heikki Puhakainen. The group moved through some stages of looking for a new member after a member left. Their albums include “On The Way to Wonderland” (2006), “Popgasm” (2009), “Acoustic Tour” (2010), “Out of Style” (2011), “Out of Style-Live Edition” (2012) and “Unholy Ground” (2012). The album, “Out of Style” has received many awards. This album has been a huge success for it was a big hit all over Europe.

The group put into record the acoustic shows they had on their tour in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. At the same time, they also released the best performances on Acoustic Tour Live which was their 2010 album. Some of their top tracks are “Dream Like A Child”, “Welcome To My Life”, “Forever Yours”, “Somebody Help Me” and “All Because of You”; however, some of the most successful songs are “Fairytale Gone Bad” (2006) which achieved platinum award in Finland and Germany and which was also confirmed receiving Gold award in Sweden and “Hollywood Hills” (2011) which went platinum in Germany, Finland, Sweden and Switzerland. It also went gold in Austria and Finland.

Their album was sold for more that seven hundred thousand copies and their singles for over a million. They were also able to perform to several tours and in a more than thousand of shows in European countries and in Japan. The group also awarded and given recognition for the following; “Best Nordic Band”, “Best Newcomer Band”, “Best Nordic Album” and “Best Newcomer Finland” (2007); “ Biggest Export”(EMMA), “ European Border Breakers Award”, “Eska Radio Award”, “Radio Regeenbogen Listener’s Award” (2008) and “Sold Out Award” (2011).

Sunrise Avenue holds the necessary strength and power making it to music industry. The group has done things in a unique manner and stay true to their music and the group. The group is another proof that rock can be played with positive attitude.