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About Suicide Silence

California’s band, Suicide Silence is a Deathcore band, formed in 2002. It is said that the band mastered in the deathcore genre in the heavy metal arena of aggressive music. After the formation of the band, it got offer from mega metal label Century Media. Suicide Silence is one of few bands that could manage to get offers and deals fast. The band did not waste much time in lineup setup which actually took a very short time. They also got involved with indie labels At the Deep End as well as SOS Records. The band has five members at present, Mike Bodkins (later substituted by Dan Kenny), Mark Heylmun (guitar), Chris Garza (guitar),  Lucker (vocals) and Alex Lopez (drums).

The band released the first album, “The Cleansing” in 2007 under Century Media label. The Cleansing was efficiently produced by John Travis. The album was indeed hit among the deathcore and metal music fans. Deathcore was not so familiar at that time but the band showed the meaning of this new genre. The album could manage a good position on top charts and on the Billboard charts as well. The band toured in many places in US and Europe after the release of the album.

They accompanied Parkway Drive and Bury Your Dead in the tour. Later the band got some other bog offers and deals. In 2008, the band was chosen to play their deathcore in Mayhem metal festival.

In 2009, the aggressive band came up with a new album, “No Time to Bleed”. The album became popular and climbed to a top position on many top charts. The band was often criticized for the lyrics which are anti-religious, violent and dark. But the third album did not show any sign of from anti-religious topics. The album was centers on personal themes. Lyricist Mitch Lucker did a good job in that time. The album became one of the band’s pioneer albums. Mitch Lucker (vocals), unfortunately died in a motorcycle accident. Later, the band took initiative to arrange tribute show for Lucker. New lead vocalist, Hernan Eddie joined the band soon after the demise of Lucker. The memorial show was released in 2014