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Sting Concerts Schedule Nov 2018

Nov 19
Mon, 6:00 pm
Sting, Shaggy
Gdańsk · Ergo Arena

About Sting

Sting was born on October 2, 1951 in England. He is popularly known for his talent in singing, both with his band The Police and as a solo artist. He is a renowned composer and actor; a philanthropist who is very much into defending the environment and human rights.

The Highlights of His Career As A Member of The Police

It wasn't a smooth sailing journey for Sting and his band. Their first album went nowhere when it was first released. They had to travel to different places and play on small clubs before they were given recognition. It was in 1978 when their songs like Roxanne, So Lonely, and Can’t Stand Losing You topped the charts.

Their band has played different genres, from jazz to rock. And because of their unique sound, they were successful in attracting new fans with their second album launch in 1979 featuring two great songs. Their instrumental composition Reggata de Blanc, which is also the title of the album, has received a Grammy in 1980. Several other albums have helped strengthen the band’s name in the music industry. Even more film roles were later offered to Sting. This was just the start of his magnificent career.

Solo Career

Sting have decided to go solo and released his first album, The Dream of the Blue Turtles, in 1985. At the Sting concerts and in studios, he has collaborated with several other musicians.

He continued composing and arranging music of other tones and genres. Sting was again recognized with his singles like "Englishman in New York" and "Fields of Gold." In 1999, he banged another Grammy award because of his Brand New Day album. In 2007, Sting and his band got reunited as they performed live for the Grammy’s. It was a sweet surprise for everyone. The band also announced that they will be doing concert tours after almost two decades.

After the reunion, Sting goes on with his solo work going on the Symphonicity Sting tour. The following years were also highly productive bringing his own musical The Last Ship and the album with the same name. He continues performing with world-famous artists such as Mylene Farmer and Peter Gabriel.

Sting’s Secrets to Achieve Success

Sting changes his environment, every so often and if necessary, to change his mind set. He always focuses on the things he has to accomplish. He takes every challenge or work as a big and important task to really go after. He goes into training, workshops, etc. just to satisfy what is being asked, whether it is in the stage or screen. He is not just an artist; he is more of an achiever.

Sting concert tour 2017

In 2016, the latest album – 57th & 9th – came out. Sting tour dates 2017 are February, 1 2017 - April, 13 2017. The tour is embracing a lot of countries. In includes Sting concerts in UK, Japan, Singapore, European countries. South and North America. In Canada, there was a Sting concert in Toronto, as well as in Montreal and Vancouver. For the Sting US tour, you can get Sting Concert tickets in Houston, Los Angeles, Boston, Atlanta, Dallas in 2017.

In June and July, the artist is visiting Europe with his Sting tour 2017. Sting tour schedule is really tough, the shows are being given almost every day. So even if in your city, the Sting concert tour tickets are already sold out, you can travel to the nearest city or country and still get a chance to see his marvelous show.