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About Stevie Ray Vaughan

Stevie Ray Vaughan was a leading figure in the mid 80s. He was an American singer, record producer and songwriter. Vaughan got his real musical motivations from his brother who played guitar and later on helped him form a band. The two brothers used to play together and they practices blues leads of B.B. KingAlbert King and Freddie Kings. Both of them concentrated on guitar jamming and practice. When Vaughan was 14 years old, he started playing at Dallas blues clubs. He could meet many kinds of people and musicians every day. Vaughan was not interested in academic learning and drooped out of his school in 1972. He went to Texas where his brother was making music.

Stevie Ray Vaughan joined Cobras and then Triple Threat. He stayed with Triple Threat for three years and initiated to form Double Trouble. The band became a trio with Chris Layton (drums), Tommy Shannon (bass) and Vaughan (vocal and guitar). In 1882, the band was in a good position and got reputation. Its reputation took it to Rolling Stones. The band performed in New York. After that Double Trouble got proposal to play at Montreux Jazz Festival. Vaughan met David Bowie who told his plans with Vaughan. The band completed an album signing with David Bowie. John Hammond became close to the band who was a great reputed man at that time. Vaughan started to call John Hammond to be his mentor. Vaughan released next album “Texas Flood” in 1983 under the supervision of John Hammond. In 1985 Vaughan was able to be the first white musician to prevail the “Blues Entertainer of the Year award.” Reese Wynans joined the band that year.

With the passage of time the band earned huge popularity and released many albums. “In Step,” “Soul to Soul,” “Family Style”, and also “The Sky Is Crying” were the major albums of the band. In 1995, Jimmie Vaughan planned “A Tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan”, a tribute concert for his brother in Austin featuring Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton, , B.B. King and other artists. The early death of this great musician was a great shock for the world of music.