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About Spartaque

Spartaque, also known as Vitaliy Babiy, is a famous Ukrainian DJ artist. This artist was able to perform on Jeans DJ-Parade in Kharkiv which vibrated a crowd over 30,000 people. This was the first event that helped him to launch his career. He has been successfully playing since 2006 and became a resident DJ. In 2007, Spartaque was able to demonstrate at Global Gathering Ukraine as Vitaliy Babiy was noticed by “VIRUS Music”. As a popular DJ artist, he is the pride of his country. he toured in many places of Ukraine and CIS.

Spartaque is lucky for being selected as one of the top DJs by Ukrainian DJ rating. In 2008, he was awarded with prestigious prizes which include Best Radio Show, Best DJ category and Best Track. He is lucky to be rated as a top DJ in Russia as well.

He is one of the best ones who could collaborate with great Ukrainian DJs like Egor Boss and Slava Flash. Spartaque is doing well at present. He successfully directs his passion to worldwide club stage. This young and energetic artists is admired and cooperated by many famous artists of this time such as Citizen Kain, Andrea Bertolini, Ahmed Sendil, Piatto, Tocadisco, Umek, Popof, Style of Eye, Koen Groeneveld, Dandi & Ugo, Tom Craft, Khainz, Loco, Andrea Roma, and Jam and many other great artists. .

His success is getting richer day by day. In 2009, he got nominated for the track of the year and in 2010 he got nominated again for the same reason. This trend continues which gives him popularity as well as fame.

Today, Spartaque is considered as an outstanding DJ in the world who has become as inspiration for so many people in this trend. His awards and recognitions confirmed that he is not a mere DJ artist.

There are so many DJ artists at present but Spartaque is totally different. He has been a matter of admiration as well as respect for thousands of clubbers. He is hit in many countries of the world and invited for many events. Social networking sites and music sites created a buzz about this young artist known as Spartaque.