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About Solarstone

Solarstone is a great name in the trance music industry. As both a Dj and a producer, he has provided many contributions to the development of trance music. This project was originally for a trio with the name of Scomo   Young Parisians, Liquid state Bekkant and Z2. In 1997, this project was established by Andy Bury, Sam Tierney and Richard Mowatt in Birmingham.

The History of The band: After establishing the group, Sam Tierney left the group. Solarstone has released three  singles   which has achieved great rankings in the UK Hit Chart. Among all these three, the   most successful one is the “Seven Cities” single. This was launched in 1999 and ranked 39th in the chart. This song was considered as one of the first songs   under   the  balearic  trance  genre. It was re-launched   for   about three times. Over 500, 000 copies of this single were sold. In 2003 to 2004, the group collaborated  with  Scott  band  Solarstone   and   they  were   able   to come   up  with new three singles namely “Naked Angel”, “red Line Highway” and “3rd Earth”. In 2006 and 2008, Solarstone help with the launch of the debut album of the band AnthologyOne. On the other hand, 2008 is the year when the second album, Rain Stars Eternal, was launched. Some of the Solarstone productions include remixes of Matt Darey, Ferry Corsten and Paul Oakenfold.

The group's selection of remixes include cafe del mar by Energy 52 in 1997, Home by Chakra in 1997, 11 hours by Dominion in 1998, From Russia with Love by Matt darey in 1999, Galaxia by Moonman in 200, Bullet in the Gun 2000 by Planet perfecto in 2000, Orange Theme by Cygnus X in 2000, silent Words by Jan Johnston in 2000, Southern Sun by Paul Oakenfold in 2002, World on Fire by Sarah McLachlan in 2004, House of Cards by radiohead in 2008. and gabriellas Sky by Ferry Corsten in 2009.