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Skillet Concerts Schedule May 2019

May 3
Fri, 12:00 pm
Welcome to Rockville, While She Sleeps, Meshuggah and others 46
Jacksonville, FL · Metropolitan Park
May 4
Sat, 12:00 pm
Rob Zombie, High on Fire, In This Moment and others 15
Jacksonville, FL · Metropolitan Park

About Skillet

In 1996, a Christian Rock Band named Skillet was born in  Memphis, Tennessee. The band members are husband and wife that originated in United States. Skillet is now consists of lead vocalist and bass player named John Cooper; backing vocalist, rhythm guitar and keyboard player named Korey Cooper; lead guitar and drums player are named Seth Morrison and Jen Ledger respectively. Due to tough competition, Skillet went throughout quite a few changes of line-ups which have made John Cooper as the remaining original member in the band. They have already released eight albums with several genres that include Christian Rock and Metal, Hard Rock and Alternative Rock. Two of their hits, Comatose (RIAA Gold Certified) and Collide have already received Grammy nominations. Another Skillet hit is Awake that had become certified Platinum. Skillet has proven that through patience and hard work everything is possible as they ranked 5 in  2011 Hardest Working Bands. As of today, they had sold over Two Million Albums in the United States alone. Cooking Their Tickets to Success

Former members of different separated bands, John, Ken and Trey have agreed to start a side project which they named Skillet and later on became their brand name in which literally means as frying pan. For them, the name itself is all jokes at first because they all came from dissimilar disbanded bands with song styles, and being together as one band is like cooking a new dish with experimental ingredients. But the band was overwhelmingly received by the crowd and they become known among their fans through their self-titled debut released “Skillet” in 1996.

The following year, Skillet has dedicated their time to record a new album which is entitled Hey You, I Love Your Soul and was released on April 1998. Soon after, the band receives more tour engagement for live performances wherein John’s wife, Korey, had enlisted in the band to play keyboards.

From electrically Invincible to more Hits

In 2000 to late 2002, the band has release more electronic sounding albums like Invincible, Ardent Worship and lastly Alien Youth under John Cooper’s production. Around 2003, their sixth real big hit album Collide had been out and was nominated for Best Rock Gospel album in 2005.

Roughly 2006, another album named Comatose was released and hit ranked 4 in the United States Top Christians Album Chart. The band continues to prosper since the release of those knocking albums. Despite of their vastly gigs schedules, they had managed to do record and give greater albums to the public like Awake (in 2009) that won in the 2011 Top Christian Album Award; and Rise (in 2013) which contains a single “Sick of It” that sells around 60,000 in its first week of the release in U.S. alone and has ranked first on the Top Rock Chart and Christian Album Chart.