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About Sigur Rós

Is an Icelandic post rock band known for classical and minimalist elements. Band members’ include vocalist and guitarist Jón Pór Birgisson, drummer Orri Pál lDyrason (joined band in 1999), bass artist Georg Holm, guitarist and keyboard artist Kjartan Sveinson and Ágúst Ævar who left the band in 1999. The band’s artistic name is derived from the name of the sister (Sigurrós Ellin) of one of the band members (Jónsi’s).

In 1997, Sigur Rós released their debut album, “Von,” with Smekkleysa Records. The album went flop, selling only 313 copies in its first year release, but was a certified hit and platinum in 2005 by Iceland’s record industry association.

In 1998, “Von brigði” was released and featured remixes of tracks from “Von”. “Leit af lifi” was the only new track in the album.

In 1999, keyboard artist Kjartan Sveinsson joined the band and after a year “Ágætis byrjun” was released. It climbed to #1 on the Icelandic Album chart, reached #17 in Norway and topped #52 on the UK Albums chart. Critics worldwide acclaimed it as one of the greatest album of all time. The rising popularity was further achieved when the songs of the album graced popular movies and TV series.

In 2002, the group’s third studio album “( )” was released, with eight untitled tracks divided by a 36-second silence. “( )” have referred to it as “Svigaplatan” (“The Bracket Album”). The album presented a rare sound in contrast to its past albumsand moved back the tremendous ups and lows that were high-flying on “Ágætis byrjun”.

In 2005, they release their fourth album, “Takk” believed as “Thanks”showcasing tighter arrangementand upbeat, brighter tones.

In 2007, they released a live DVD entitled Heima from the previous summer’s Iceland tour. It detailed the band’s explore of “Iceland” in the small town of “Bong”.

In 2008, they released “Med Sud I Eyrum Spilum Endalaust” that endowed straightforward pop songs alongside the conventionally classic soundscapes and earned generally positive reviews. The track “Festival” from the album was used as a exhilarated backing to the climax of the 2010 film 127 Hours. And also graced the ending of HBO mini-series “24/7-Flyers-Rangers”.

In April, 2010, the band played a set at the “Coachella Festival” telling the end of its hiatus.

In May, 2011 saw the released of their album “Valtari” followed by seventh album “Kveikur”, daringly pushing their calming sound in darker and more aggressive directions.

Sigur Rós reviews

grande concerto. una voce divina. per me è il loro primo concerto e mi è venuta la pelle d'oca. Mi veniva voglia di chiudere gli occhi e ascoltare poi anche gli occhi volevano la loro parte
Was a great, wonderful show. Great visual effects.
Sigur Rós, oft course.