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About Sick Puppies

Created in 1997, the Sick Puppies are a modern rock band from Sydney, Australia. They developed in the Outback during the post-grunge era before moving to Los Angeles to start a professional music career. Heavily influenced by Australian natives Silverchair, the Sick Puppies originally joined together to play cover songs. Their sound is similar to ShinedownTrapt, Breaking Benjamin, and Adelitas Way. The bands current lineup includes Shimon Moore, Emma Anzai and Mark Goodwin.

Moore and Anzai met at a music rehearsal room that didn’t have enough space for two bands. As a result, the pair began to argue, yet, later came to terms and decided to play together. Soon, they added drummer Chris Mileski and began writing music. With no help from any music company, the band released their first EP Dog’s Breakfast. Soon, they began to gain attention from local managers after winning a band competition and in 2000 released their debut album, Welcome to the Real World. It received modest local success; however, the band’s drummer quit and the band wanted a new start.

After moving to Los Angeles, California, the Sick Puppies hired new drummer Mark Goodwin and headed to the studio. They quickly got to work and in 2007 dropped, Dressed Up As Life. They also marketed themselves and participated in the “Free Hugs Campaign,” that featured their popular song “All the Same.” After the success of their second record their released three more singles that gained modest success, including “My World,” which hit No. 20 on Billboard Charts.

At the end of 2008, they returned to the studio to work on their third album, which released the next summer. During this time, their music featured in Street Fighter IV, the Stanley Cup playoffs, and WWE. Three singles reached the billboard top 100 including, “Maybe.” In 2009, the Sick Puppies made their film debut in the movie, Rock Prophecies. One year later, they dropped their live album that featured songs recorded in a Chicago radio studio. Most songs on the record were acoustic versions of the originals.

In 2011, they followed with another acoustic album titled, Polar Opposite. It continued the success of the band up to their 2013 release, Connect. The band followed by touring to support the album. The Sick Puppies have no current tour dates posted on their website.