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About Shaggy

Born in 1968, Orville Richard Burrell (Shaggy) is a Jamaican-American reggae rap singer from Brooklyn, New York. Similar artist include Sean Paul, Redfox, and Raven. Shaggy’s sound is an electronic dance beat with classic rock and reggae influences. The rappers ability to reinvent his style transcended his music throughout the past two decades.

In his youth, Burrell gained recognition for his talented music voice. His dreams of being a professional singer were put on hold by time spent in the military. In 1993, Shaggy released his first song “Oh Carolina.” The single did well for the new musician and appeared on the major motion film, Silver. The next 2 years, he continued to record and DJ until he released “Boombastic,” in 1995. The song received commercial success and launched Shaggy into the mainstream. His hit single received an abundance of radio time and can still be found on popular music stations.
In 2000, Shaggy released his full-length album, Hot Shot. The record sold over 6 million copies and became his most successful project to date. The first single, “It Wasn’t Me” contributed to its popularity. The video for the song featured humor mixed with reggae rap. Fans loved the single and MTV continued to air the song for months. On the Second single “Angel,” Shaggy smashed two classic rock covers together and mixed it with reggae. It also contributed to album sales, scoring high on billboard charts. Shaggy’s next two follow-up albums, Lucky Day and Clothes Drop did not receive the acclaim the previous had.

The 2005 Clothes Drop album featured a remake of the Scooby Doo theme song; yet didn’t produce much reaction out of fans. Two years later, Shaggy began performing more shows, including a worldwide tour. He put on a memorable performance at Trelawny, Jamaica before a Cricket Match. Later, in 2007 he released his next record, Intoxication. The album received modest commercial success; yet scored with critics. The record received a Grammy nomination for best reggae album of the year. Afterwards, he continued touring playing with notable acts Cindy Lauper and Lil Jon.

In 2010, he collaborated with Sean Paul and many other musicians to help the Haiti victims. Afterwards, Shaggy spent the next 3 years dropping random singles until his 2012 release, Rise. Since, the artist released, singles “Make Up,” “She Gives Me Love,” and “Fight this Feeling.” The latter came from his 2013 album. Shaggy, continues to tour internationally and work on musical collaborations.