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About Serj Tankian

Born in August 21, 1967, Serj Tankian serves various roles in the society and the music scene. Not only is he as American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, poet and record producer, but he is also a political activist. Out of all of these roles, he is best known for being the lead vocalist, pianist, song writer and sometimes, live rhythm guitarist of System of a Down. This metal band was formed in the year 2004 and it is comprised of American and Armenian artists.

Serj Tankian was born in Lebanon in 1967 and moved to Los Angeles, California along with his parents. He studied in a bilingual school during his early years and later applied to the California State University located in Northridge. In this school, Serj Tankian was introduced to different kinds of instruments that he then learned to play.

Early in his music career, Serj Tankian became the lead vocalist of their former band named Soil. However, bassist; Dave Hakopyan and drummer; Domingo Laranio, left the band feeling that they would not progress, consequently splitting up the former group.

Consequently, the remaining members of Soil namely Serj Tankian (lead vocalist and pianist), Daron Malakian (lead guitarist and vocalist) and Shavo Odadjian (rhythm guitarist) formed a new gourp which is now called System of a Down. Originally, the drummer was Ontronik Khachaturian. He had to be replaced by John Dolmayan when he met a hand injury shorty after one of System of a Down’s gig. Progress after that was rapid as the band continued to be booked for gigs all throughout Southern California.

Serj Tankian became a rising solo artist when he had a breakthrough from the release of his debut record, Elect the Dead. The songs in this album had their own music video, and each had different directors. The results are fantastic as the videos received phenomenal success. Then, Serj Tankian embarked on an official tour to promote Elect the Dead. Around 1000 people attended his first tour—one proof of how great Tankian’s impact is to the audience. This was followed by numerous ground-breaking records that swept the American audience away.