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About Semisonic

Created in 1995, Semisonic is a late-grunge punk band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Their music is characterized by catchy guitar riffs and youthful lyrics. Their hit “Closing Time,” continues to be a last call favorite at clubs and bars nationwide. Similar acts include Dead Eye Dick, Sum 41, and Blink 182. The trio consists of John Munson, Dan Wilson, and Jacob Slichter.

In 1995, Munson and Wilson left their former band and met with Slichter to form Semisonic. The guys played at the local Minneapolis venues and soon released their first EP, Pleasure. Their music garnered a small local following and gained the attention of MCA Records. To the bands delight, they inked their first major record deal and began work on their debut album. In 1996, the group dropped Great Divide. The record received modest success; yet, garnered enough fans to continue the bands career. Two years later, they returned to the studio and released their highly successful album, Feeling Strangely Fine.

Semisonic’s 1998 release reached the top 50 on billboard charts propelling them into the next millennium. The group also gained international fame with their hit single “Secret Smile.” In 2001, the band released their third record, All About Chemistry. The music didn’t fare well in the US; yet, the single “Chemistry” found an audience in the UK. They spent the rest of the year playing tours around Europe.

The band continued throughout the 2000-2009 decade touring and contemplating an album. Semisonic spent the latter half working on other projects and spending time with their families. Two members spent the 2003 year working on reuniting their former band, Trip Shakespeare. In 2004, Wilson made an appearance on news source CNN. He spent the rest of the decade writing and promoting his books. In 2007, Dan Wilson won a Grammy for a collaboration he did with The Dixie Chicks. In 2010 and 2011, they reunited to play in the Minneapolis area; however, never went back to the studio for a new project.