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About Savage Garden

Savage Garden is perhaps a name of uniqueness and wonder in music industries. Savage Garden does not give us a story of their music career or is not similar to any popular group. Two persons, Daniel Jones and Darren Hayes, together formed a pop duo in 1994. Savage Garden did not move one record company to another record company to get famous. They just craftily made 150 demos and sent them to so many places of the world and they both waited very patiently to see what might happen. John Woodruff who belonged to the Australian music identity at that time responded to their music demos and called them to meet him. Charles Fisher, who was a music producer, got them cordially as per John Woodruff’s recommendation. The very first single, "I Want You," was produced in 1996 and became hit in the top chart. Soon after the release of the first one, the two guys came up with "To the Moon and Back" plus "Truly Madly Deeply."

Their first album was released in 1997 and soon after the release the album became number one and remained at that same superior position up to thirteen weeks. This was the longest stay of popularity for an Australian-made album.

In 1997, the group was awarded with very prestigious ARIA Music Awards. But unfortunately the group could not go for a long ride and broke in 2001. But Hayes did not give up and continued his solo career.

The ‘Savage Garden’, ‘Affirmation’, ‘Split’ and ‘Truly Madly Completely’ were the great creation of the group. The ‘Affirmation world tour’ had to play no less than 80 shows in North America, Europe, Australia, and the Far East around in 2000. And the duo performed for ‘The Future of Earthly Delites’ in the US.

They could release music videos like ‘Break Me Shake Me’ and ‘Tears of Pearls’ Which got international appeal from all over the world.

Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones are still considered as iconic figures for their musical talents and skills. Many of their fans still adore them and hear their music. Darren Hayes’ vocal is amusing for millions of people around the world.