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Rise Against Concerts Schedule Jan 2019

Jan 19
Sat, 7:30 pm
Twenty One Pilots, Muse, The Killers and others 3
Inglewood, CA · The Forum

Rise Against Concerts Schedule Mar 2019

Mar 9
Sat, 11:00 am
Download, Rise Against, Alice in Chains and others 6
Parramatta · Parramatta Park
Mar 11
Mon, 11:00 am
Download, Rise Against, Alice in Chains and others 6
Flemington · Flemington Racecourse

About Rise Against

The punk rock band Rise Against was formed in Chicago in 1999. Its original name was Transistor Revolt with Tim McIlrath, Dan Wlekinski, Joe Principe and Toni Tintari. In 2000, the group that was not yet giving concerts recorded its first self-named mini-album. One year after, they drew attention of the Fat Wreck Records and sign a contract with them already with a new name. The same year, the Rise Against’s debut album was released. It was warmly met by the fans but wasn’t as successful as they expected.

The band members remember that it was fashionable to have brutal and negative image that time in Chicago so they decided not to follow the stream and create something positive. The idea was to show that it is possible to express your opinion being positive at the same time. They focused on being more productive in lyrics.

The first concerts were not huge shows, the artists took every chance to play for money but still the earnings were hardly enough to buy petrol. After two years of continuous concerts, Rise Against released their second album in 2002. It was more successful than the previous but after the release the band returned to their touring life. The Rise Against Warped tour helped to support the album and soon the major labels started offering them to collaborate.

After thorough selection, the label was finally chosen. It was the DreamWorks which seemed to share the same views as the group members. The main ideas of the Rise against are fighting against racism in punk rock, electric shock therapy, and for the animal rights. Also, that time they protested against George Bush’s election.

After the summer Warped tour, the group planned a concert tour in the South Africa where they wanted to draw people’s attention to the AIDS problem and unfair trade tariffs in the region. «We wanted the people from outside Africa to know what’s going on there» – says McIlrath.

The main core of the Rise Against is their belief in the fact that they can change something in the world with the help of their misic. «Sometimes we say to ourselves: something is terrible. Let’s write a song about the problem, transform it into music, let’s do at least something to help. This is what we do. We are still on the same page, and our band represents something we all believe in».

Rise Against tour 2017

Rise Against are going on tour. The Rise Against tour dates are from August, 11 2017 to February, 19 2018. Prevoiusly, there was a Deftones and Rise Against tour in the US in June and July. The Rise Against events will happen in New Zealand, Australia, Europe, UK, US and Canada. In US, there will be shows in Cleveland, Louisville, Kansas City but no Rise Against concert in Seattle in 2017. The Rise Against tour tickets are available online so you can check for the concert in your city.

Rise Against reviews

The concert was awesome rise against sounded a little congested but other then that it was awesome
Loved the show !!