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About Rihanna

Rihanna was born on February 20, 1988 in St. Michael parish in Barbados. She’s the eldest among three children. She lived a not so normal life because at a very young age, she started battling life struggles because her parents were divorced. Despite all problems, Rihanna went to Combermere, a well recognized school.

Rihanna’s Humble Beginnings

Rihanna loves to join beauty pageants. She developed her passion to music during her teenage years; this is her way of freeing herself from worries and problems at home. She formed an all-girl group with her classmates and joined an audition facilitated by Evan Rodgers. Because of their natural talent, the producer was amazed to Rihanna. In less than a year, she left her hometown and move in with Rodgers’s family in Connecticut to try her luck in the recording and music business. Since then, everything else followed. Rihanna became famous and is considered to be one of the most successful and admired celebrities of her generation.

Rihanna’s Most Wanted Hits

At age 16, Rihanna signed a contract with Def Jam records and launched her first album, which was a big success and sold over 2M copies worldwide. It was just the beginning as she went on releasing more hit songs like Disturbia, Umbrella, and Unfaithful. Who could forget her newest songs like Stay and Diamonds? Everybody knows these songs by heart. She likewise collaborated with Coldplay and Eminem on the hits Princess of China and Love the Way You Lie, respectively. And just recently, she proved again her power as an artist after reaching the top charts with another duet with Eminem called The Monster.

Rihanna Today

Rihanna has won several awards like MTV Video Music Awards, Billboards, and the prestigious Grammy’s. Known for her personal and unique style, she made headlines for the clothes she wore on awards nights, in concerts, and more. She is not just a singer now, but also a fashion icon. Not everybody would love the way she present herself but she acknowledges the rules and opinions of others. But as she mentioned, fashion is a personal choice and a statement. So from there, she expects others to respect here choices too. Rihanna continues to inspire people to live and work hard for their dreams. Much more is still expected of this beautiful and talented lady. More songs and collaborations are in line for Rihanna in the months and years to come.