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Regina Spektor Concerts Schedule Dec 2018

Dec 8
Sat, 8:00 pm
Cyndi Lauper, Regina Spektor, Angie Stone and others 9
New York, NY · Beacon Theatre

About Regina Spektor

Regina Spektor, an American pianist, singer and songwriter, was born on February, 16 1980 is Moscow, USSR. Her family were all Jewish musicians. Her father, Ilya Spektor, played violin, while her mother Bella was teaching music in one of Moscow colleges. Regina was practicing piano from her early years, playing compositions by Petrov and Tchaikovsky. In 1989, after the country collapsed, the citizens could abandon tht USSR so the Spektors headed first to Austria, then Italy and finally they came to New York. Their daughter was only 9 that time.

In New York, Regina started to play classical piano from Sonya Vargas in Manhattan. Although her parents could not bring her instrument from home, the girl managed to find a way to practice: she went to her synagogue to play there and just used all hard surfaces. At first, she was playing classical compositions only bay then she showed interest in hip hop, rock-n-roll, punk. As a teenager, Regina visited Israel where she got inspired for her first own songs. She was always singing something even before, but then she started to compose.

In 2001, Regina graduated from the musical conservatory. Spektor stated to play in New York cafes and clubs. Besides, she collaborated with local musicians and performed a few times in local colleges. Thus, becoming popular gradually, she began to record and make package for her own CDs and give them to her friends and people around. These were her first albums. In 2004, Regina Spektor got her first contract with the record labrl and issued her third album Soviet Kitsch that she has made all by herself in 2003.

Regina has a strong voice with wide diapason which she shows in full range. She also uses different singing techniques that are not really traditional. For example, in her ballads, one can hear verses that are just drone noise, beat box sounds, drumsticks clatter on a piano top or a chair.

Regina's magic verses often seem to be some abstract narration or a biography of a character. Her compositions are like short stories played with music. She usually writes and sings in English, from time to time using French, Latin or Russian.

In her early albums, Regina’s voice sounds a little dry, the records have little echo and delays. But her last albums are made in high quality studios where her keys are accompanied by more common instruments like drums and electro guitar. She claims that she has always been inspired by the bands that play «more complicated music» such as Radiohead.

Regina Spektor tour dates 2017

Regina Spektor tour 2017 is on now. The tour dates are from now on till November, 19. Regina Spektor events will happen in US, UK and Europe. Regina Spektor 2017 tour embraces such European countries as the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden. She is also coming to Israel in August. Though there are no more Regina Spektor shows in Portland, the artist is coming to New York, San Diego, Albuquerque, Cincinnati. Regina Spektor tickets are available online.