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About Ray Charles

Ray Charles

Through the years, Ray or better known as Ray Charles has given us eargasmic music with his piano and singing. Definitely for soul lovers, Ray will serenade you and make your feet dance in the floor.

Who is Ray?

Ray Charles Robinson was born on September 23, 1930. He was an American singer and songwriter and a well – known musician and composer. He is more popularly known as Ray Charles and is considered to be one of the pioneers of soul music by fusing rhythm and blues, gospel and blues all into his musical style. He was also the first African American to be given full musical control of his work, solving the racial issues surrounding music during that time. Frank Sinatra, one of the most well – known singers in the world called Ray the only true genius in show business. And what’s even more amazing that since age 7, Ray was blind but later became a very accomplished piano player. His best friend was no other than the godfather of soul himself, Mr. James Brown.

Rise to Stardom

Ray got his first recording deal with Atlantic in 1952. He recorded a song called The Midnight Hour and Roll With my Baby and later released jump blues and boogie – woogie style songs as well as slow blues ballads where listeners will find a touch of Nat “king” Cole and Charles Brown. In 1953, he released his first singles It Should’ve Been Me and Don’t You Know and became international hits. In 1954, he recorded his own composition entitled I Got a Woman which became a number one r&b hit and was also his first original hit. It was a mixture of jazz, gospel and blues which later be transformed into rock and roll and soul. In 1955 through 1958 he continued this lovely style and later came up with other hits such as Lonely Avenue, Drown in my Own Tears and the Night Time (is the Right Time.

Ray also recorded jazz albums in the late 50’s such as The Great Ray Charles. He also worked with saxophonist Milt Jackson which released Soul Brothers in 1958 and Soul Meeting by 1961. He was headlining black venues and bigger places like the Newport Jazz Festival. Charles made peace with his Creator on June 10, 2004 due to liver disease.