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R.E.M. Concerts Schedule Jun 2019

Jun 8
Sat, 9:30 pm
Derby · The Flowerpot

R.E.M. Concerts Schedule Jul 2019

Jul 13
Sat, 7:30 pm
London · 100 Club

About R.E.M.

R.E.M is an American rock band formed on 1980 in Athens Georgia. The members are Michael Stipe (vocalist), Peter Buck (Guitarist), Mike Mills (Bassist) and Bill Berry (Drummer). They are one of the primary alternative rock bands with extraordinary guitar style. They recorded their first single called “Radio Free Europe” in which they gained positive reviews. As the band started, they begin with “Murmur” that was released in on April 12, 1983 by I.R.S records and produced by Don Dixon and Mitch Easter. In their first released they peaked in most charting publication and they started to became well known. From 1984 they continuously released album every year, including the “Reckoning” on April 9, 1984 that became a Certified Gold Record by RIAA in which they collaborated with Bertis Downs along side with Jefferson Holt for backing vocals. Followed by “Fables of the reconstruction” (1985) as well as “Life’s Rich Pageant” (1986) and 1987 “Document”.

In 1988 they introduced their 6th album called “Green” on November 8 through Warner Bros Records and had performed for 11 months to promote their albums. Next album was “Out of Time” that was launched on March 12, 1991that they won the Best Alternative Music Album and Best Music Video along side with Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal by Grammy Awards in 1992. They worked together with KRS – One, Ralph Jones, John Keane, Paul Murphy, Jay Weigel and many more musicians to make the albums. In 1992, they came up with “Automatic for the People” and “Monster” in 1994. Kurt Cobain planned to work with the band but he was died in month of April in that year. Moving on, they released their first live album called R.E.M Live on October in the year 2007 that was been successful all throughout the released.

The band continues releasing album from 1996 to 2011 they released 5 albums that spread around the world. Stripe (one member) is participating in People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals but the other members were not involved. However, the band was nominated in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame that was held on March 2007 in New York’s Waldorf Astoria Hotel. They received many support from heir fans, co-artist and from those people who believed in their talents in making music.