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About Röyksopp

Röyksopp is a name of an electronic music duo that formed in 1998 in  Tromso, Norway. The band consist of this two mutual friend Svein Berge and Torbjorn Brundtland. They share same interest in electronic musics, this two is also a producer, a songwriter and remixers. The band name Röyksopp is came from the Nigerian word puffball fungus which means “smoke mushroom”.

This duo had been popular all over the world by through their songs, complex concert performances and unique outfits. They received many awards, including Spellenmannprisen Awards, had been nominated in Grammy awards and they had been performed worldwide. Their albums had been topped in the charts in many countries and number one in Norway.

Svein Berge and Torbjorn Brundtlandare are met in their teenage but they got separated ways and reunited in 1998 in  Bergen, Norway. Röyksopp worked with other musicians in Norway like Drum Island, King of Convenience’s, Frost and a singer Erlend Øye. They started a band named “Aedena Cycle” with Gaute Barlindhaug and Kolbjorn Lyslo. Their band recorded the “Travelers Dreams” and released by R&S Records together with Apollo records which they signed a full record contract.

After they had been part of the band Aedena Cycle, the duo separate their ways in the band and make their own and that is called Röyksopp. They released a debut album with a first single “So Easy” released by local Bergen Wave Era. Their first single became used in UK advertisement and had been popular in UK.


Later on, the duo signed a contract in the British label wall of sound and in 2001 they released their album name Melody A.M that became certified platinum in Norway and sold out for a million copies throughout the world. Afterwards, they released their final single named “sparks”, their album became number one and “Eple” meaning “apple” in Norwegian used as welcome music in the company of Mac OS X Panther operating system and licensed by Apple Inc.

Second studio album “The Understanding” with a single “Only this Moment” released in July 12, 2005 (number 33 in UK chart), after one year they released the “Röyksopp Night Out” on June 19, 2006. “Back to Mine: Röyksopp” in 2007 that compile their most liked songs. The electronic music duo still makes a move in the music industry, they became more popular through their songs and styles. They released more albums, a concerts and a world tour all over the world