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industrial, cyberpunk, industrial metal, french, punk

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Punish Yourself Concerts Schedule Apr 2019

Apr 27
Sat, 7:30 pm
Tagada Jones, Parabellum, Punish Yourself and others 4
Strasbourg · La Laiterie - Club

About Punish Yourself

Punish Yourself are an ebm / industrial metal band from France, who incorporate: hammering beats, guitar riffs, loops / samples, ambient waves & techno. Current members include: Cyril Laurent, Pierre-Laurent Clément, Sandrine Caracci, Vincent Villalon & Xavier Guionie. Former members inlclude: Bud Silva, Olivier Menini, Stéphane Vanstaen & Thierry Latt. The voices of Miss Z and Vx "Cheerleader" will kick start your brain into frantic work as their words carry real meaning. And finally your eyes are going to gape wide in shock, when these luminous creatures take the stage (Last.fm)