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Psy Concerts Schedule Dec 2018

Dec 21
Fri, 11:42 pm
Seoul · Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium
Dec 22
Sat, 11:42 pm
Seoul · Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium
Dec 23
Sun, 11:42 pm
Seoul · Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium
Dec 24
Mon, 11:42 pm
Seoul · Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium

About Psy

People from all over the world has fallen for the appeal and charm of Kpop. A well-choreographed dance, catchy tune and lyrics that you do not understand-- nothing can truly compete with the entertainment that the Korean pop music industry has to offer.

A Breathe of Fresh Air

It was until the arrival of Korean Pop Start Psy that changed the tone in the Korean music industry. Thanks to him, the stereotype of having good looks and great dancing skills have been broken. What made Psy adorable to many fans is his amazing sense of humor and his ability to make himself look adorably foolish.

Some Information About Psy

Psy's real Korean name is Park Jae sang and was born on December 31, 1977. He graduated from Berklee College of Music. Even though he was given an opportunity to learn so much from classical training, Psy never took advantage of it. For him, creativity cannot be taught in school and that is why he rarely attends his classes. His first inspirations were tupac and Eminem so he started out in hip hop first,

The Prodigal Son

Psy admitted to have a rebellious nature while he was staying in the US. In 2000, he decided to return to his country and to finally pursue his dreams of being a recording artist. In 2001, his first album – “Spy in the Psycho World” was launched. This first album garnered lots of criticisms because of the inappropriate content, weird dance moves and his atypical appearance. This went the same for his second album. After serving mandatory military service for a few years, Psy went home and finally married his long-time girlfriend- Yoo Hye Yeon.

The Start of His Booming Career

In 2010, he decided to switch to another agency and he finally got the attention he wish with his album “Psy's Best 6 (Part 1)”. His best hit song “Gangnam Style” pave the way for his popularity and recognition both locally and internationally. The catchy tune and bizarre moves contribute greatly to its fame. His song “Gangnam Style” is declared the number one in the iTunes Music video charts. Following this hit song is another trending music video “Gentleman”. Because of his with, humor and originality, people from all over the world are dying to watch his concerts, gigs and live shows.