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About Prodigy

Born in 1974, Albert Johnson (Prodigy) is part of a two rapper duo known as Mobb Deep. Raised in New York, Prodigy began rapping at a young age. Like many urban teens, he spent time on the streets gaining an understanding for the underbelly of urban society. Later, he combined his street knowledge and rapping skills to create a powerful dark sound.

In 1996, working with Havoc, the pair released their first album, Hell on Earth. Mobb Deep produced a new sound that shed light on the dark city streets of New York. Together, they also made videos and artwork to symbolize the terrible settings surrounding them. During this time, Mobb Deep entered the notorious coastal rapper feud. From 1995 to 1998, the group lyrically attacked specific rappers in retaliation of words spoken about them. The hostilities continued until the death of west coast rapper 2pac.

Soon after, Prodigy and Havoc began working on their next album, Murda Muzik. Gaining success, the album received instant commercial and critical acclaim. The record sold over one million copies garnering the duo a new level of stardom. In 2000, Prodigy left and released his highly anticipated solo album, H.N.I.C. Although lyrically sound, the record received mixed reviews. Later, Prodigy returned to Mobb Deep to record their final music with Loud Records.

After Infamy released, Mobb Deep struggled to keep a record deal. Both found alternative projects; however, none to successful. First, they signed with Jive records but that didn’t last long. The pair asked to get out of their contract and the label happily accepted. Next, the due joined Interscope but failed to perform up to label standards and departed once again.

Prodigy worked with Kock Records; yet, in 2008 released his next solo album, H.N.I.C Part 2 with Voxonic. Aftewards, he made an autobiography depicting his life as a rapper and thug. Prodigy dropped H.N.I.C Part 3 and then Albert Einstein in 2013. Since, the singer has continued to collaborate with other musicians. In April 2014, Mobb Deep released their most recent album, The Infamous Mobb Deep.